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Empowering storytellers to move past the limits of traditional film & animation.

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Aliza Technologies AI Digital Beings 3D Character Animation
Aliza Technologies Digital Humans AI Animation 3D Character Artist
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ALIZA utilizes recent advances in AI technology to bring our clients upscale visual effects at unprecedented speed and incredible cost savings.


ALIZA is part of the convergent technology trend, which brings many different technologies and disciplines together to create a new service category never seen before.

IN THE NEAR FUTURE, digital humans will be as commonplace as cartoon avatars are today. The trend is strong today with older celebrities and foundations for deceased celebrities, but the approaching future holds a life like representation for almost everyone online and in the media.


ALIZA is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this inevitability.

ALIZA is the brainchild of Brian Lee, co-founder of The Honest Company with Jessica Alba, Shoedazzle with Kim Kardashian, Legalzoom, and most recently Art of Sport with the late Kobe Bryant.

Aliza Technologies Logo